What we do

We offer you a one-stop service for the entire project process, from assistance during product development to feasibility checks, simulations, tool design, toolmaking, forming, assembly – and finally, the finished, high quality end product itself. Make the most of our specialist knowledge.

What we do


In our state of the art tool shop, our core team of technical experts manufacture tool, equipment and ptorotypes to meet your high quality standards.

What we do

Punching, forming and deep drawing

We have an extensive fleet of machinery for manufacturing punched, bent and deep drawn parts for all sectors.

What we do


To complete our portfolio of products and services, we are also able to assemble parts into subassemblies and systems. An increasing number of our customers are taking advantage of this service.

What we do

Our company

With its diverse range of products, Sixt GmbH is a respected company within the automotive supplier sector. Our products are engineered and manufactured to deliver outstanding performance and a high degree of reliability, which in turn creates benefits and advantages for our customers.

What we stand for

Our company is focused on creating products and services of the highest possible quality. Our goal is a satisfied and happy customer.

What we stand for


Each product is subject to the strictest quality control criteria

What we stand for


We manufacture products to meet your specific requirements

What we stand for


Our company has been in existence for more than 65 years

High vertical integration – but with attention to detail

We manufacture precision punched parts and bent parts on automated punching presses, eccentric presses and hydraulic presses capable of delivering pressing forces of up to 10,000 kN. And much more besides, as you can see:

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Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 1, D-71106 Magstadt, Germany

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+49 (7159) 94483-0

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