Jihlava site (Czech Republic)

At our site in Jihlava in the Czech Republic (on the motorway between Prague and Brno), we have been manufacturing punched, pressed and deep drawn parts, as well as subassemblies, since 1999. It’s here, for example, that we make headlamp reflectors, housings and retaining frames, as well as chrome plated headlamp trim surrounds for the automobile industry. For the construction industry, we manufacture fittings here, alongside other products. Since the end of 2012, we have also been manufacturing plastic injection mouldings for the automobile industry.

Company data

Number of employees: more than 30
Work area: 2,700 m²
Quality: certified to ISO 9001:2015


Deep drawing presses (400 – 3150 kN)
Transfer press (3150 kN)
Loading presses (250 – 1000 kN)
Spot and press welding machines
Plastic injection moulding machine (3000 kN/500 g)


Sixt Umformtechnik s.r.o.
Herolticka 10
58601 Jihlava
Tel.: +420 567 1216-18
Fax: +420 567 1216-50
E-Mail: zc.ors-txis@ofni